Xinyi Township Mountain Vista
Dec 2019

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Sun Moon Lake to Taichung

The General
Oct 2017

Hsinchu Xinyi New Village 新竹信義新村

Chua Trấn Quốc 鎭國寺
Dec 2016

Postcards From Hanoi

Giant god of grain 五榖神農大帝
Nov 2016

A Short Ride Around Western Taoyuan

A dusky sundown at Taipei 101
Apr 2016

Why Should It Be Feared?

A closer look at the Seiden at Shurijo
Apr 2016

Shuri Castle 首里城

A remnant of Taipei Prison
Mar 2016

The Remains of Taipei Prison 臺北監獄圍牆遺蹟

Reflections of the Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店
Feb 2016

The Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店

Xiaonanmen on winter solstice
Dec 2015

Taipei's Xiaonanmen 臺北府城小南門

Oct 2015

The Geographic Center of Taiwan 台灣地理中心

921 Earthquake damage in Wufeng
Aug 2015

921 Earthquake Museum 九二一地震教育園區

Immediately outside Fengyi Gate 鳳儀門
May 2015

The Old Walled City of Zuoying 鳳山縣舊城