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This page combines a blogroll with general links of interest to readers of this blog. A “blogroll” is old school blog jargon for a list of links to other blogs, a tradition that began in the early days of blogging as a friendly way to connect with other bloggers and share traffic. Not many people bother maintaining such lists anymore but I enjoy keeping such a page for personal reference and making friendly recommendations.

Tourism map of Taiwan circa 1955
Tourism map of Taiwan circa 1955.

Taiwan Links

Travel & Adventure

  • Josh Ellis: a photography blog with deep insight into lesser-known places all around Taiwan.
  • Hidden Taiwan: Tom Rook’s fantastic blog about obscure historic, abandoned, and outdoorsy stuff in Taiwan.
  • Spiritual Travels: Nick Kembel’s mindful travel and photography blog is absolutely packed with useful tips and information.
  • Foreigners in Taiwan: travel, history, culture, and commentary.
  • Wolf Shepherd (Chinese): an excellent resource for anyone interested in the history of mining in Taiwan.
  • Follow Xiaofei: waterfalls and other adventures; see also: hot springs and waterfalls map.

Politics & Society

  • New Bloom Magazine: politics, activism, youth culture, and all kinds of other topics from Brian Hoie and company.
  • The Writing Baron by James Baron; all kinds of subjects with witty and sharp writing, as the name would imply.
  • Frozen Garlic: detailed election and political analysis from Taiwan.
  • Taipei Air Station: strongly focused on the experiences of US military personnel in Taiwan during the Cold War.

Lifestyle & General Interest

  • Tricky Taipei by Kathy Cheng; travel, design, food, and lifestyle blogging with a strong focus on quality content.
  • Poagao’s Journal by photographer and filmmaker TC Lin, who merits his own Wikipedia page.
  • Taiwan Everything: a general interest magazine-like site with articles about travel, history, culture, and more.
  • Taiwan Scene: a wide-ranging group blog/magazine with articles about food, travel, culture, history, and more.

International Links

Urban Exploration