Coming Into Harbour at Ita Thao Village
Nov 2018

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Puli to Sun Moon Lake

Within the Puli Sanatorium 埔里肺病療養院
Oct 2018

Puli Tuberculosis Sanatorium 埔里肺結核療養所

Overlooking the Ninety-Nine Peaks
Oct 2018

Taiwan Summer Road Trip 2017: Taichung to Nantou

An Old Entertainment Complex in Puli
Jun 2018

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Puli

Pinglin Bridge, Nantou County
Apr 2018

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Taichung to Puli

Slipping Into Oblivion
Mar 2018

Lingxiao Temple 凌霄殿

Exterior View of Huaguo Theater in 2017
Apr 2016

Huaguo Theater 華國戲院

Oct 2015

The Geographic Center of Taiwan 台灣地理中心