RSEA Marble Factory Office
Apr 2020

RSEA Marble Factory 榮民大理石工廠

Taiwan Motor Transport Factory Entrance
May 2019

Taiwan Motor Transport Maintenance Depot 台灣汽車客運公司機料廠

The Broken Chimney at Shengtai Brick Factory
Mar 2019

Linkou Shengtai Brick Kiln 林口勝泰磚窯

Overlooking Agenna Shipyard
Feb 2019

Agenna Shipyard 阿根納造船廠

Overlooking the Ninety-Nine Peaks
Oct 2018

Taiwan Summer Road Trip 2017: Taichung to Nantou

Open Air Factory in Yuanlin
Dec 2017

Yicheng Cannery 義成罐頭工廠

Ershui Zheng Ding House 鄭鼎宅
Dec 2017

Postcards From Ershui 二水明信片

Abandoned Gas Station in Linnei
Oct 2017

Nanyun Gas Station 南雲加油站

Gas tanks in Darong Village
Apr 2017

Life Is a Gas

An abandoned installation at the easternmost tip of Taiwan
Nov 2016

Gateway to the East

A trace of martial history in Xinyi District
Sep 2016

Traces of an Army Maintenance Depot

A pink sanheyuan in Alian District
Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Tainan to Pingtung City