Inside a projection room at Dadong Theater
Sep 2018

Zhongli Dadong Theater 中壢大東戲院

The Derelict Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓
Feb 2018

Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓

An abandoned residential tower on Wanshou Road
May 2017

Wanshou Road Residential Ruins 萬壽路廢棄社區

Giant god of grain 五榖神農大帝
Nov 2016

A Short Ride Around Western Taoyuan

A closer look at Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂
Oct 2016

Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂

Zhongli Station from the sky
May 2016

Postcards From Zhongli 中壢明信片

A closer look at Xinming Theater 新明戲院
Jan 2016

Zhongli Xinming Theater 中壢新明戲院

Fugang Old Street 富岡老街
Jan 2016

Fugang Old Street 富岡老街

Hand-painted movie posters in Zhongli
Jan 2016

Zhongyuan Theater 中源大戲院

Zhongli Station at night
Jan 2016

Zhongli Caishen Building 中壢財神大樓

First look at a weird house in Longtan
Dec 2015

Longtan Strange House 龍潭怪怪屋

A rundown building near Zhongli Station
Oct 2015

First Dispatch From Zhongli