RSEA Marble Factory Office
Apr 2020

RSEA Marble Factory 榮民大理石工廠

An Abandoned Signal Station in Wanli, Taiwan
Mar 2020

Yeliu Signal Station 野柳信號臺

Dusky Skies Over Scenic Huadong Valley Rice Paddies
Mar 2020

Huadong Valley Ride 2018: Fenglin to Yuli

Betel Nut Booth in the Wilderness
Nov 2019

Huadong Valley Ride 2018: Hualien City to Fenglin

Farewell to Zhonghua Theater
May 2019

Guanshan Zhonghua Theater 中華大戲院

A Vanished Community
May 2019

A Nameless Community in Xinyi District

Yuanlin Credit Union 員林信用合作社
Feb 2019

Yuanlin Credit Union 員林信用合作社

Exterior View of Dahua Theater 大華戲院
Nov 2018

Keelung Dahua Theater 基隆大華戲院

Inside a projection room at Dadong Theater
Sep 2018

Zhongli Dadong Theater 中壢大東戲院

The Derelict Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓
Feb 2018

Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓

Open Air Factory in Yuanlin
Dec 2017

Yicheng Cannery 義成罐頭工廠

Ershui Zheng Ding House 鄭鼎宅
Dec 2017

Postcards From Ershui 二水明信片

The General
Oct 2017

Hsinchu Xinyi New Village 新竹信義新村

Shezi Grand Theater 社子大戲院
Oct 2017

Shezi Theater 社子大戲院

The North End of Xiluo Bridge
Aug 2017

Xiluo Bridge 西螺大橋

Xiluo’s Abandoned Yisheng Theater
Jul 2017

Xiluo Yisheng Theater 西螺一生戲院

Hsin Kang Theater Exterior View
Jul 2017

Hsin Kang Theater 新港戲院

Oblique View of Xinjianguo Theater
Jul 2017

Tainan Xinjianguo Theater 台南新建國戲院