The Golden Empire Building
Jul 2020

Postcards From Yuanlin 員林明信片

Xinyi Township Mountain Vista
Dec 2019

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Sun Moon Lake to Taichung

Left Side of Wuchang Temple
Dec 2019

Jiji Wuchang Temple 集集武昌宫

Zhushan’s Shuhuang Clinic 庶煌診所
May 2019

Postcards From Zhushan 竹山明信片

Overlooking the Ninety-Nine Peaks
Oct 2018

Taiwan Summer Road Trip 2017: Taichung to Nantou

Pinglin Bridge, Nantou County
Apr 2018

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Taichung to Puli

Slipping Into Oblivion
Mar 2018

Lingxiao Temple 凌霄殿

Kezikeng New Community, Zhushan
Mar 2018

Kezikeng New Community 柯子坑新社區

Yixin Vocational School 益新工商職業學校
Sep 2017

Yixin Vocational High School 益新工商職業學校

Intriguing architecture at Huangxi Academy
Aug 2016

Huangxi Academy 磺溪書院

Silly tiger at Daodong Academy
Jun 2016

Daodong Academy 道東書院

Fengyuan’s Nangang Fude Temple 南崗福德祠
Jun 2016

Red Lanterns Glowing in the Night