Looking South Along the Qingshui Cliffs
Apr 2019

Suhua Highway Road Trip 2018 蘇花公路機車之旅

Coming Into Harbour at Ita Thao Village
Nov 2018

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Puli to Sun Moon Lake

Sundown over the coast of Badouzi
Feb 2017

Postcards From Badouzi 八斗子明信片

An abandoned installation at the easternmost tip of Taiwan
Nov 2016

Gateway to the East

Looking south from Taimali along the coastal highway in Taitung
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City

On the road again in Manzhou Township
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Manzhou to Dawu

Pebble beach vista in Fangshan
Jul 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Fangliao to Manzhou

Sanchong skyline obscured by the arc of a bridge
Jul 2016

City of Illusions

Beneath an electric blue sky
Jun 2016

Qingkunshen Fan-Shaped Saltern 青鯤鯓扇形鹽田

On the other side of the wall
May 2016

Dusky Skies Over Taipei

The easternmost tip of Taiwan
Feb 2016

Explorations of the Pacific Edge 1

Nothing left of the glass balconies except an extraordinary view
Jan 2016

Jiamuzi Bay Minsu 加母子灣民宿

Returning to Nanfangao harbour
Dec 2015

Postcards From Nanfang'ao 南方澳明信片

Lotus Pond’s famous dragon and tiger pagodas 龍虎塔
May 2015

Zuoying Lotus Pond 左營蓮池潭

Wave mechanics
Jul 2014

Sunrise at Niushan Huting 牛山呼庭

Standing alone
Apr 2014

The Mystic Island of Pulau Besar

Numbak from the waterside
Mar 2013

Kampung Numbak

Looking back on Pantai Avoi
Mar 2013

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau 3