Hsinchu City Public Activity Center 新竹市民眾活動中心

Peering into the former Hsinchu City Activity Center
A distant view of the formerly sheltered bleachers at the Hsinchu City Public Activity Center.

Today I made a brief stop in Hsinchu 新竹 while returning from Taichung 台中 to my current abode in Taipei 台北. One of my targets for this little stopover was the former Hsinchu City Public Activity Center 新竹市民眾活動中心, something I only found out about because I’ve been following the Taiwan Ruins Research 台灣廢墟研究 group. Somebody (and I regret not taking note of whom) posted several photos from within the old activity center in recent weeks, noting that the city was finally starting to do something about this old space, which has spent at least the better part of the last decade acting as a “temporary” parking lot.

Outside the former Hsinchu City Public Activity Center
The former activity center from the street corner. Shops line the outside of the building on all sides.

Turns out I was too late to see the old activity center with its grungy rooftop intact—and the old scoreboards and other sports paraphernalia are probably gone as well, though I wasn’t about to jump the fence in broad daylight in front of such a busy intersection. You have to most fast in this scene if you want to capture a moment in history—but I’m not as obsessive as I might appear from the meticulous way I keep notes and share my finds on this blog. I’m content sharing what I see even if it’s only a glimpse. Hopefully the city makes good use of this former civic space.


  1. If you’re curious as to the plans, see if you can read the text on the green board, or have a good enough photo to post it. Sometimes it will reveal quite a bit of information about the future plans for an area.

  2. The Taiwan Ruins Research 台灣廢墟研究 group you mentioned has some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen of Taiwan. Thanks for sharing.

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