Qiaoyou Building Supplemental

To the very top
The rickety ladder leading up to the very top of the Qiaoyou Building.

Recently I posted my full exploration of the Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈, a towering ruin in the heart of Changhua City. It was a big building and I ended up capturing many more photographs than I ended up sharing there. Here, in this post, I’d like to share a few more photos I captured in black and white. I have also included a couple of images demonstrating how I digitally restore photographic negatives I find in the ruins (a technique discussed in more detail here). If you’re curious about this building be sure to see the original post.

The entrance to the topmost KTV
The entrance to the KTV on the very top floor of the Qiaoyou Building.
Torn carpets and rusted valves
Torn carpets and rusted valves.
Old teal telephone
A game of broken telephone.
A ghost in the mirror
A ghost in the mirror.
Qiaoyou negatives
Found negatives in the Qiaoyou Building.
Qiaoyou Building negatives 2
Digitally exposing some of the found negatives.
Qiaoyou Building negatives 1
Broken windows on film. Very meta.
Checkered walls on the upper levels of the Qiaoyou Building
Checkered walls on the upper levels of the Qiaoyou Building.
The mezzanine
The mezzanine.
A tangle of cables down on the mezzanine
A tangle of cables down in the mezzanine level.
Dust machine
A decade of dust.
Tiny bones
Tiny bones in the stairwell.
The south side of the Qiaoyou Building from the tenth floor
On the south side.
KTV tapes in the abandoned strip club
KTV tapes on the third floor.
Secret video cassettes
Abandoned video cassettes.
KTV machine
KTV machine.

Check out the original post for more.

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