Qiaoyou Building in the News

Qiaoyou Building on UDN News
The headline reads something like “Canadian photographer braves the ruins to show you what’s inside”. My interior shots are below the fold.

Photos from my exploration of the Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈 in Changhua City were in the Taiwanese news recently. UDN published a story that sparked a fair amount of sharing and discussion on Facebook most prominently here and here.

Unlike previous features the reporter contacted me and secured permission to use my photos prior to publication. I am often permissive with the use of my work when its in the public interest in some way—and when people ask for and secure authorization in advance. After all, a big part of why I explore abandoned place, take photos, conduct research, and publish the results on my blog is to reveal worlds that most people have forgotten. Hopefully my efforts can contribute to the public good in some small way.

Be sure to check out my full exploration as well as this supplemental post if you find this ruin as fascinating as I do.