Frontal View of Caotun Cide Temple
Apr 2020

Caotun Cide Temple 草屯慈德宮

Zhushan’s Shuhuang Clinic 庶煌診所
May 2019

Postcards From Zhushan 竹山明信片

Originating at Gangtian Temple
May 2019

Huadong Valley Ride 2018: Hualien City

Farewell to Zhonghua Theater
May 2019

Guanshan Zhonghua Theater 中華大戲院

Cholon Roundabout Propaganda
Jul 2018

Postcards From Cholon

Exterior Shot of Baekje Hospital
Mar 2018

Baekje Hospital

Ershui Zheng Ding House 鄭鼎宅
Dec 2017

Postcards From Ershui 二水明信片

Beautiful old architecture along Yanping old street
Sep 2017

Postcards From Xiluo 西螺明信片

A Closer Look at Beigang Theater
Aug 2017

Beigang Theater 北港劇場

Out front at Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City
May 2017

Binh Tay Market

Out front at the Ershui Assembly Hall
May 2017

Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂

The entrance to Fort Santiago
Mar 2017

Postcards From Intramuros