Another Yellow Engine in Bang Sue
Sep 2020

Bang Sue Railway Cemetery

The Golden Empire Building
Jul 2020

Postcards From Yuanlin 員林明信片

RSEA Marble Factory Office
Apr 2020

RSEA Marble Factory 榮民大理石工廠

An Abandoned Signal Station in Wanli, Taiwan
Mar 2020

Yeliu Signal Station 野柳信號臺

Xinyi Township Mountain Vista
Dec 2019

Nantou Road Trip 2015: Sun Moon Lake to Taichung

Left Side of Wuchang Temple
Dec 2019

Jiji Wuchang Temple 集集武昌宫

Shining a Light on Zhongyang Theater, Guanmiao
Nov 2019

Guanmiao Zhongyang Theater 關廟中央戲院

Changhua Bus Terminal Bays
Jul 2019

Changhua Bus Terminal 台汽客運彰化總站

Before Entering Dongxing Theater
Jun 2019

Dongxing Theater 東興大戲院

Xiluo Grand Theater 西螺大戲院
May 2019

Xiluo Theater 西螺大戲院

Farewell to Zhonghua Theater
May 2019

Guanshan Zhonghua Theater 中華大戲院

Taiwan Motor Transport Factory Entrance
May 2019

Taiwan Motor Transport Maintenance Depot 台灣汽車客運公司機料廠