The Golden Empire Building
Jul 2020

Postcards From Yuanlin 員林明信片

An abandoned house on the edge of urban Hsinchu
Nov 2016

An Abandoned House and Community Garden in Hsinchu

A closer look at Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂
Oct 2016

Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂

An abandoned farmhouse in Shalu
Oct 2016

Zhulin Chen Old House 竹林陳家古厝

Still here after all these years
Aug 2016

Shuidui Settlement 水碓聚落

A pink sanheyuan in Alian District
Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Tainan to Pingtung City

Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝
Apr 2016

Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝

An old style sanheyuan on the outskirts of Meinong
Apr 2016

Postcards From Meinong 美濃明信片

A closer look at the empty nameplate at Qingyu Hall
Sep 2015

Qingyu Hall 慶餘堂

Sundown in the badlands
Aug 2015

Exploring the Badlands of Southern Taiwan

On the wrong side of the river
Mar 2015

Xindian Old House 新店老屋

An abandoned courtyard home in Dacun township
May 2014

A Traditional Home in Dacun 大村三合院