A Vanished Community
May 2019

A Nameless Community in Xinyi District

Inside a projection room at Dadong Theater
Sep 2018

Zhongli Dadong Theater 中壢大東戲院

Kezikeng New Community, Zhushan
Mar 2018

Kezikeng New Community 柯子坑新社區

The Derelict Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓
Feb 2018

Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓

Xiluo’s Abandoned Yisheng Theater
Jul 2017

Xiluo Yisheng Theater 西螺一生戲院

An Old Projector at Chenggong Theater
Jul 2017

Xinying Chenggong Theater 新營成功戲院

An Urban Interface in Chiayi City
Jul 2017

Immense Interface

Hsin Kang Theater Exterior View
Jul 2017

Hsin Kang Theater 新港戲院

An oblong look at Dong’an Theater
Apr 2017

Dong'an Theater 東安戲院

Irregular facade
Apr 2017

Zhongwai Department Store 中外百貨

Inside the decaying courtyard
Mar 2017

Inside the Decaying Courtyard

Textures and geometry in the ruins of Taichung
Jan 2017

An Empty Shell on Dayong Street 大勇街屋

The entrance to Xizhou Theater 溪州戲院
Dec 2016

Xizhou Theater 溪州戲院

Old homes in Fushui Village, Taipei
Jul 2016

Fushui Village 富水里

Zhongli Station from the sky
May 2016

Postcards From Zhongli 中壢明信片

Peering into the former Hsinchu City Activity Center
Apr 2016

Hsinchu City Public Activity Center 新竹市民眾活動中心

A row of abandoned shops at the foot of Huajiang Bridge
Feb 2016

Changjiang Road Shops 長江路商店

A closer look at Xinming Theater 新明戲院
Jan 2016

Zhongli Xinming Theater 中壢新明戲院