Kezikeng New Community, Zhushan
Mar 2018

Kezikeng New Community 柯子坑新社區

Shezi Grand Theater 社子大戲院
Oct 2017

Shezi Theater 社子大戲院

Sunset Over a Tobacco Barn in Taiping District
Sep 2017

Dongping Tobacco Barn 東平菸樓

An Oblique View of the Jiuqiong Tobacco Barn
Aug 2017

Jiuqiong Village Tobacco Barn 九芎村菸樓

Hsin Kang Theater Exterior View
Jul 2017

Hsin Kang Theater 新港戲院

Oblique View of Xinjianguo Theater
Jul 2017

Tainan Xinjianguo Theater 台南新建國戲院

Lize Theater From the Streets
Jul 2017

Lize Theater 利澤戲院

Out front at Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City
May 2017

Binh Tay Market

Out front at the Ershui Assembly Hall
May 2017

Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂

An oblong look at Dong’an Theater
Apr 2017

Dong'an Theater 東安戲院

Irregular facade
Apr 2017

Zhongwai Department Store 中外百貨

Inside the decaying courtyard
Mar 2017

Inside the Decaying Courtyard

Fenyuan Town Hall 芬園庄役場
Feb 2017

Fenyuan Town Hall 芬園庄役場

Beidou Far East Theater 北斗遠東戲院
Jan 2017

Beidou Yuandong Theater 北斗遠東戲院

Exterior view of Donggong Theater 東宮戲院
Jan 2017

Donggong Theater 東宮戲院

The former Xizhou Telecom Bureau 溪州原電信局
Dec 2016

Xizhou Telecom Bureau 溪州原電信局

Roller club and restaurant
Jul 2016

Space Roller, Chiang Mai

Old homes in Fushui Village, Taipei
Jul 2016

Fushui Village 富水里