The Golden Empire Building
Jul 2020

Postcards From Yuanlin 員林明信片

Zhushan’s Shuhuang Clinic 庶煌診所
May 2019

Postcards From Zhushan 竹山明信片

In front of the Taiwan Sun Cake Museum
Jan 2017

Quan'an Hall 全安堂

Jishan Gatehouse 積善樓
Oct 2016

Jishan Gatehouse 積善樓

Hen 1/2, Taiping Old Street, Douliu
Apr 2016

Taiping Old Street 太平老街

Fugang Old Street 富岡老街
Jan 2016

Fugang Old Street 富岡老街

A closer look at the empty nameplate at Qingyu Hall
Sep 2015

Qingyu Hall 慶餘堂

Hong Family Mansion 洪氏洋樓
May 2015

Yumei Hall 玉美堂

The front of an old home in rural Hemei
Mar 2015

Hemei Yao Family Old Home 和美姚家老屋

Jukuiju, an abandoned mansion in Taichung
Feb 2015

Jukuiju 聚奎居