Insadong and Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon By Day
Taking a stroll along the stream in early spring.

These images were captured in the Jongno-gu of Seoul, mainly in Insadong, an upscale, artsy neighbourhood, and along Cheonggyecheon Stream.

The busy pedestrian streets of Insadong.
Ssamziegil Art Project
A lover’s art project in Ssamziegil.
Ssamziegil scrawlings
Ssamziegil scrawlings.
Coffee 5000
Coffee 5000 artwork.
Dongdongju house
Dongdongju house.
Insadong alleyways
Insadong alleyways.
Korean Dumpling House
My favourite mandu (dumpling) house in Insadong.
Jongno Block
A corner block in Jongno.
Jongno Tools
Jongno tools.
Cheonggyecheon stream at sunset
Cheonggyecheon stream at sunset.

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