Still Images of a Modern Seoul

Seoul Metro Artwork
Open the kimchi jar, HANGUL-9000.

Here is a collection of various photos I shot in and around Seoul. Most of these images were captured in the Seoul underground or Jongno-gu alleyways.

Myeongdong Stairway
Myeongdong stairway.
Seoul Alleyway Explorations
Seoul alleyway explorations.
Seoul Alleyway Scene
What you might find in a Seoul alleyway.
Seoul Alleyway Explorations
Even more alleyway explorations.
Seoul Alleyway Explorations
Further alleyway explorations.
Trapped In The Seoul Metro After Dark
There must be some kind of way out of here…
Seoul Street Art
Street art just outside Bukchon village.
Seoul Street Demon
Seoul street demon.
First Rays Of Dawn In A New Land
The first rays of dawn in a new land far from home.

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