Sanchong skyline obscured by the arc of a bridge
Jul 2016

City of Illusions

On the other side of the wall
May 2016

Dusky Skies Over Taipei

A closer look at the Seiden at Shurijo
Apr 2016

Shuri Castle 首里城

Zhongli Station at night
Jan 2016

Zhongli Caishen Building 中壢財神大樓

Oct 2015

The Geographic Center of Taiwan 台灣地理中心

Exploring the upper levels of Shanxi temple in Guanmiao
Oct 2015

Guanmiao Shanxi Temple 關廟山西宮

An abandoned department store in the golden light
Aug 2015

Fuyou Building 富有大樓

A moody view of the endless city
Apr 2015

Postcards From Kowloon 九龍明信片

Taipei from Xianyan temple in Wenshan district
Nov 2014

Postcards From Wenshan District 文山區明信片

Riding the seawall at sunset
Nov 2012

Riding the Seawall in November

Cheonggyecheon stream at sunset
Apr 2012

Insadong and Cheonggyecheon