Exiled on Koh Phangan

A wake, still dreaming
A wake, still dreaming.

With this set of photos I attempt to capture the feeling of exile I experienced while renting a bungalow outside of Thong Sala for a month. Koh Phangan is a party island but I spent much of my time in solitude not talking with anyone at all. It was a time to rest, to reflect, and to create.

Return to Chumphon pier
Return to Chumphon pier.
A strangely eerie Thong Sala shoreline
A strangely eerie Thong Sala shoreline.
Radio Thong Sala
Radio Thong Sala.
Ao Chaloklum power
Ao Chaloklum power.
Overlooking Haad Yao
Overlooking Haad Yao.
Squid grid
Squid grid on Ao Chaloklum.
Russian kids playing on a Koh Phangan wreck
Russian kids playing on a Koh Phangan wreck.
Another mudflat sundown
Another mudflat sundown.
Koh Phangan sundown at low tide
Low tide after sunset.
It was nothing more than a dream
It was nothing more than a dream.
Koh Phangan sundown
Koh Phangan sundown.

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