Sundown over the coast of Badouzi
Feb 2017

Postcards From Badouzi 八斗子明信片

Looking south from Taimali along the coastal highway in Taitung
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City

On the road again in Manzhou Township
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Manzhou to Dawu

Beneath an electric blue sky
Jun 2016

Qingkunshen Fan-Shaped Saltern 青鯤鯓扇形鹽田

Coming down near Xiaoyoukeng
May 2016

A Foggy Hike in Yangmingshan 陽明山

The easternmost tip of Taiwan
Feb 2016

Explorations of the Pacific Edge 1

Crossing the central mountain range of Taiwan
Nov 2015

Crossing the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan 中央山脈機車之旅

Sundown in the badlands
Aug 2015

Exploring the Badlands of Southern Taiwan

An abandoned hotel at Wulai Falls
Feb 2015

Wulai Qingpu Hotel 清瀑大飯店

Wushanding mud volcano cone
Feb 2015

Wushanding Mud Volcano 烏山頂泥火山

Misty lake, lotus forest
Oct 2014

Nantou's Misty Lotus Forest 忘憂森林

Wave mechanics
Jul 2014

Sunrise at Niushan Huting 牛山呼庭

The waterfall from the temple at Yinhe Cave
May 2014

Yinhedong 銀河洞

Looking back on Pantai Avoi
Mar 2013

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau 3

Ancient landforms
Mar 2013

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau 2

Where the seas intersect
Mar 2013

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau 1

Stanley Park On Ice
Jan 2013

Riding the Seawall in January

Cleveland Dam From Above
Jan 2013

Capilano Canyon