Taiwan Night Market Fashion 1

Life fast live forever, flashy version
Live fast, live forever! Inexplicable satanic hipster fashion as seen at Tonghua Night Market. This looks like a second generation copy of the black and white original.

In addition to their reputation for novelty foods night markets in Taiwan also offer an almost endless variety of cheap goods, particularly clothing and accessories. Much of Taiwanese night market fashion is amusing, quirky, provocative, bizarre, or even incoherent, though some of it is also quite clever. My understanding is that a lot of the weirder stuff originates in China, where massive factories churn out garments emblazoned with English text and pop culture references without regard for semantic meaning. This is almost certainly the result of copying passages from print or online media, using machine translation, or sheer laziness, but it might also be for aesthetic effect. Transcription errors are common, particularly when popular designs are copied by competing factories. Observed on the scale of years there is something almost evolutionary at work in night market fashion—styles mutate and are subject to a kind of natural selection. To celebrate the absurdity of this curious cultural phenomena I have assembled about 40 photos from my many visits to the night markets of Taiwan, almost all of which I have previously been shared on my Instagram account, the perfect vehicle for such inanity. Enjoy!

Never give up hope
“BE. YOURSE / never give up hope / do not give up their / THERE IS HOPE”. Bonus: “ONE OF MY FRIEND / If Do you know / we friendship / one of my friends”.
Think of your own my ideas
Think of your own my ideas.
Cool, rad, right on man!
Cool, rad, right on man!
The Bible: believe in yourself choose it
The Bible / believe in yourself choose it / that suit for you.
Forever computer divergently
Not individually amusing but I like the combination.
Do not want to work
I actually bought the “do not want to work” shirt.
Meteor fist
METEOR FIST. I like how this shop is somewhat fancy and nice but then you’ve got something with skulls that says “KILL ALL”.
No boyfriends no problems
NO BOYFRIENDS NO PROBLEMS. Maybe your problem was having more than one?
High right new people king classic
High right new people / BYULA / king classic. Random stuff from the streets of Keelung.
Strong rhythm at Lehua Night Market
Nosegay: strong rhythm, as seen at Lehua Night Market.
Endless aching need
Such exquisite gibberish.
If you woke up this morning
If you woke up this morning… most outstanding insulin!
Likers gonna like
Blow me one last kiss
Blow me (one last kiss).
Why try harder?
Why try harder? I am number one.
Rocksteady drunkard’s dream
Rocksteady / drunkard’s dream.
Shit Monday!
SHIT Monday!
Every day beautiful
Don’t do fashion
Nibbuns Chinglish fashion in Ruiguang Night Market
Keep Instagram chronological please
Want to be a unique? Keep Instagram chronological please!
French chic: too French to be polite!
French chic: too French to be polite!
I’ll be a plastic toy
“I’ll be a plastic toy”.
You gave me a love bling
You gave me a love bling… or maybe “bung”? Kerning is hell.
Cocaine and caviar
Cocaine and caviar, possibly a copy of a western streetwear design.
Heroin style
This is the classic / not allowed to miss / HEROIN STYLE POPLILARITY / glorious moment every day.
Kiss of devil
Let us maintain good moral / Kiss of Devil / Lecherous man must punish / We have to save them / universal love.
Hate you super normal
Hate you / super normal.
Today warm breeze comes
A missing image with a caption: today warm breeze comes.
Idiocracy shirt in real life
I actually had to check whether this shirt was stolen straight out of Idiocracy.
Skeletal prayer
Hail Satan! (With pink nail polish.)
Alice in hell
Alice in hell.
Satanic hipster fashion in Taiwan
More satanic Disney hipster fashion.
Death Rapunzel
Death Rapunzel.
Illuminati by nature
Illuminati by nature.
Don’t trust anyone
Don’t trust anyone.
My mom says I’m special (redux)
My mom says I’m special so, fuck you. A classic from Zhongli Night Market.
Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean
Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean. Gentlemen, it’s shorter than you think…
Fry day I’m in love
Fry day I’m in love. This is a clever reference to the hit song Friday I’m In Love by The Cure, but is it likely that anyone here realizes this?

Most of these photos were captured at the Tonghua 通化, Raohe 饒河, and Lehua 樂華 night markets in the Taipei area and the Fengjia 逢甲 and Yizhong 一中 night markets in Taichung. If you’re keen to see more amusing stuff from Taiwan check out my posts about Chinglish, road safety dummies, and scooter stickers.


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