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The friendly scooter on earth
The friendly scooter on earth.

Taiwan is absolutely mad for scooters, a consequence of high population density, tightly cramped streets, and the expense and inconvenience of driving a car. Everywhere you go you’ll find streets lined with parked scooters and filled with scooterists going about their business. In can all seem like absolute chaos to outsiders—but there is a method to the madness, and the convenience factor regularly seduces skeptical westerners into the scooter lifestyle, particularly when living outside of Taipei 台北.

One unusual feature of Taiwanese scooters are the cheeky stickers commonly found on the body. These stickers typically feature the make and model of the scooter—but for reasons unknown to me, poorly translated slogans full of Chinglish are also common, particularly on older scooters. About a year ago I chanced upon a link to a collection of scooter stickers published by Jonathan Biddle way back in 2005. Shortly thereafter I began documenting some of the more intriguing examples of scooter stickers I found in my travels, mostly around Changhua 彰化. This post contains 17 of the more interesting examples I have collected in this time.

Discover a new world of fun and freedom
“Discover a new world of fun and freedom”.
Specializing in noble model street bike for noble life
“Specializing in noble model street bike for noble life”.
You got to feel the happiness of riding
“You got to feel the happiness of riding”.
Move your creative heart
“Move your creative heart”.
Another scooter you can live with
“A scooter you can live with”.
Ecology new stand and new life
“Ecology new stand and new life”.
Man enjoy yourself boy 50
“Man enjoy yourself (boy 50)”.
Good partner in your life
“Good partner in your life”.
Happy be away from home
“Happy be away from home then safe and sound go home”.
For your nice scene
“For your nice scene”.
New concepts by my own
“New concepts by my own”.
Enjoy the comfortable riding
“Enjoy the comfortable riding”.
Join us to ride it
“Join us to ride it”.
Jog is fascinating to you
“Jog is fascinating to you”.
The scooter is all my life
“The scooter is all my life”.
Get away from it all
“Get away from it all / get away with it all”.

If you like this collection of images I suggest checking out these amusing examples of Chinglish in Taiwan.

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