Wu Family Old Stone House 吳家樓仔厝

The old stone house in Aodi
A century old stone house in the fishing village of Mao’ao in Gongliao.

Pictured here are the ruins of a two-story stone house in the small fishing village of Mǎo’ào 卯澳漁村 in Gòngliáo 貢寮, the easternmost district of Taiwan. I captured it while cycling back from the far end of Old Caoling Tunnel 舊草嶺隧道 late one afternoon. With daylight fading over the rugged eastern mountains I had little time to make sense of the historic plaque out front. I recall it saying something about this being a rice granary but what online sleuthing I have done suggests it was once the home of a rich family—hence the formal name Wu Family Old Stone House 吳家樓仔厝 (or Historic Stone Home 石頭古厝). Whatever the case, it certainly looks beautiful with a background of crepuscular rays.

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