Taichung Times Square 時代大廣場

The sign for Times Square 時代大廣場
Times Square on a sunny day in February. It is not abandoned any more.

This might be the only photograph of Times Square 時代大廣場 in Taichung 台中 I will post on this blog. Despite numerous reports of abandonment for the better part of a decade (for instance here, here, here, here, and here) it appears to have been undergone some renewal in the last year or so. Previously there were a few tenants still holding on at the margins but nowadays there are many more. It would seem as if this aging relic has been occupied by Southeast Asians, likely Filipinos given the presence of a community church on the third floor (with many people sitting around outside of it when I visited today). The underground levels are still abandoned but there wasn’t much of interest to see down there.

At any rate, I have followed leads in Taiwan and found places that were demolished or inaccessible, but I don’t recall ever following a lead as strong as this one only to find a building that was no longer abandoned. This wouldn’t ordinarily be justification for making a post but my blog is a catalog of all things, not only those that are exciting and inspiring. Besides, it’s not actually a bad thing that one of Taiwan’s many abandoned commercial plazas is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, however small it might be!

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  1. Hi hi! Not abandoned but nothing much in basement? What about the upper floors? I wish there is a website that lists touristic places as “no more” or “undergoing renovation”.

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