Parking Lot Palimpsest

Taichung parking lot abstract
A found scene in a parking lot in Taichung.

I found this scene in the parking lot behind the high-rise that houses Taichung Theater 台中劇場 (pinyin: Táizhōng Jùchǎng) while looking for a less obvious way inside. A security guard exited the small booth at the entrance to the lot and glared at me as I stalked the perimeter so I hoisted my camera and feigned interest in shooting whatever was around. This inexplicable texture on a side wall immediately caught my eye so I snapped a picture, smiled and waved at the glowering guard, and slipped around the corner and out of the lot to try another approach.

After circling around to the main entrance I was surprised to find the theater still in operation. I had learned of its existence from a list of derelict theaters in the area but it turns out to be a cruising hotspot—and most of the rest of the building is filled with sleazy KTVs and love hotels. No wonder the guard was so suspicious of me. But hey, at least I got another strangely abstract wall texture out of it to add to my collection.