On The Edge of Agongdian Reservoir 阿公店水庫

Agongdian Reservoir 阿公店水庫
The control tower near the north end of the levee at Agongdian Reservoir, Kaohsiung 高雄.

Āgōngdiàn Reservoir 阿公店水庫 (occasionally romanized in the old Wade–Giles style as Akungtien; literally “Grandpa’s Shop”) is located amid the low hills of central Kaohsiung 高雄 in southern Taiwan. Construction began in the Japanese colonial era but was not completed until 1953, largely because of the high amount of silt in the waterways flowing into it. Even now considerable effort must be undertaken to dredge the reservoir every season.

Nowadays it is ringed by a 10 kilometer trail that invites joggers and cyclists out to the hinterland to enjoy a break from the concrete jungle. There is even an automated Kaohsiung City Public Bike rental kiosk at the southern end of the reservoir—but I brought my own. Actually, I was only passing through when I took this picture of the diminutive control tower in June 2015, cycling from Tainan 台南 to Pingtung 屏東.

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