Neiwan Hexing Station 內灣合興車站

Vintage clocks at Hexing Station
The old station is now filled with vintage clocks.

Last week I went out with a friend to explore rural Hsinchu 新竹. After checking out a cable car tower in Guānxi 關西 we slipped over the township line to Héngshān 橫山 to make a brief pitstop at Héxìng Station 合興車站, the only wooden train station on the newly reopened Nèiwān Line 內灣線. Inside the station house we discovered this wall of vintage clocks, obviously somewhat contrived but every bit as photogenic as intended. Although this station (and the rest of the railway line) was built in the 1950s, after the Japanese colonial period, many of these mechanical wind-up clocks bear Japanese names like Gifutokei, Aichi, and, of course, Seiko.

Inside an old train carriage
A restaurant in an old train in Hengshan Township

Apart from the quaint old station house itself you’ll also find several vintage train carriages converted into the sort of place where you may order light meals, coffee, and tea. These can be found immediately next to the platform.

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