Harbour City 海灣新城

The living ruins of Harbour City

Harbour City 海灣新城 is an imposing ruin sprawling along the coastline not far from Cape Fugui 富貴角 at the northernmost tip of Taiwan. I first noticed it on my round-the-island bicycle tour last year but did not stop to explore, having already spent much of my daylight riding time poking around the UFO houses of Wanli 萬里.

More recently I set out on a two-day urban exploration road trip with a friend from the Netherlands. Late in the afternoon on the first day we were thrown out of an abandoned amusement park in nearby Jinshan 金山. Not having anything better to do with the remaining hour or so of daylight, I suggested we make our way up the coast to Shimen 石門 to investigate the ruin I had seen the previous year.

The Leaning Tower of Su’ao 蘇澳斜塔

Water pooling against a wall in the leaning tower

There are plenty of crummy old apartment blocks in Taiwan, many of them abandoned and left to the elements. I seldom take more than a cursory look any more since they’re so easy to find—just ride or walk around and look for open or broken windows. Most of the time there isn’t much to look at inside and anything valuable or interesting has almost always been removed. Even so, I stopped for a moment to investigate this particular building in Su’ao 蘇澳, a township in Yilan 宜蘭, and was mildly surprised with what I found.

Exploring VGH

Jack Bell Research Centre

My first sublet in Vancouver after the move was located next to the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) complex. Since I was regularly cycling through the hospital grounds I figured a short mission to photograph some of its more intriguing structures was in order. Below you will find a few external shots of buildings and the steaming vents at the VGH power plant.