Originating at Gangtian Temple
May 2019

Huadong Valley Ride 2018: Hualien City

Looking northwest from Liyushan 鯉魚山 in Taitung City
Jan 2017

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Taitung City

Giant god of grain 五榖神農大帝
Nov 2016

A Short Ride Around Western Taoyuan

Looking south from Taimali along the coastal highway in Taitung
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City

On the road again in Manzhou Township
Aug 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Manzhou to Dawu

Pebble beach vista in Fangshan
Jul 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Fangliao to Manzhou

Crossing the Linbian River at sunset
Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Pingtung City to Fangliao

A pink sanheyuan in Alian District
Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Tainan to Pingtung City

An old style sanheyuan on the outskirts of Meinong
Apr 2016

Postcards From Meinong 美濃明信片

Heading off the main highway in rural Tainan
Jun 2014

A Long Ride From Tainan to Changhua

Old Caoling Tunnel (舊草嶺隧道), north entrance
Apr 2014

Old Caoling Tunnel 舊草嶺隧道

Riding the seawall at sunset
Nov 2012

Riding the Seawall in November