Encore Garden in Apple Daily

My Encore Garden photos in Apple Daily
Encore Garden in Apple Daily. Photo credit: not Apple Daily!

I was amused to see some of my own urban exploration photos splashed across my news feed tonight. Apple Daily 蘋果日報 picked up a story originally published in Metro, a free newspaper from the U.K., as Harrowing images of 12 abandoned theme parks around the world.

What amused me a little less is that Metro failed to credit me properly for my work. They almost got it right, I will admit (“flickr/AlexanderSynaptic” is not the form of attribution I require in my terms of use), but Apple Daily seems to have lost something in translation: 翻攝英國《都會報》. Taken by Metro newspaper, U.K.? I think not. Last I looked this Apple Daily story (popularized by four of my photos) was liked by 45,375 people and shared by 2,180 on Facebook. The traffic payout for me, the creator of these works? Absolutely nothing.

For reference, here is my original post about Encore Garden, the theme park in the photos.