Dusky Skies Over Taipei

On the other side of the wall
Riding along the riverside bikeway in Taipei one dusky evening in July.

This is an old picture from 2013 that I never got around to posting for one reason or another. I captured this dusky scene while taking a spin up to Shèzidǎo 社子島 on what was—at that time—my new bike. I am not entirely sure where this was shot but it’s probably somewhere along Yánpíng Riverside Park 延平河濱公園 in Dàtóng District 大同區, pretty much the same place I captured this photograph on my first visit to Taipei 台北. The distinctive bridge on the horizon is the New Taipei Bridge 新北大橋, built in 2010, and that would be Sānchóng 三重 off to the right.