Chaozhou Liu House 潮州劉厝

Liu House in rural Chaozhou
Liu House in rural Chaozhou.

I noticed this old-fashioned western-style mansion on the outskirts of Chaozhou in Pingtung while cycling through the deep south of Taiwan in 2015. In a sea of ugly metal shacks and bland concrete apartment blocks it is a rare pleasure to encounter a building like this one. I also enjoy the challenge of trying to learn something of the history of such places. Usually with some knowledge of the local area and the family name on the facade I can piece something together from blogs and government records—but this time I’m stumped, and I’m not the only one. Just about all that is known for certain is the name, Liu House 劉厝, which came up in some real estate records. Based on my growing familiarity with Japanese colonial era architecture I would guess this mansion dates back to the 1930s or so.

An old home in rural Pingtung County
An oblique view of the upper balcony.
Liu House in context
The house in context.

At any rate, I’m sharing these photos to add to my growing collection of obscure and historic sights in Taiwan. If you’re curious about following up the address is a matter of public record—and I should note that it was up for sale when I visited. And be sure to read more about this day on the road!

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