A Vintage Barber in Hsinchu 文雅理髮店

Wenya Barber Shop, Hsinchu City
An old school barber shop in the back alleys of Hsinchu.

Yesterday I went wandering around Hsinchu 新竹 to capture more of its old school charm. Along the way I snapped a quick photo of a vintage barber shop around the corner from the historic Hsinchu Zhǎnghé Temple 新竹長和宮 that proved to be surprisingly popular. Located at 26 Àiwén Street 愛文街26號, this is Wényǎ Barber Shop 文雅理髮店 (with Wenya meaning “elegant” or “refined”) and Míngzhū Beauty Salon 明珠美容院 (“pearl”). The building itself is rather odd, sandwiched between traditional courtyard homes and newly built residences, looking very much like a place out of time. The man inside the shop is even reading a newspaper!


  1. Beautiful shot!

    The light (or the post-processing? ;)) is so good that it looks like a studio photo.

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