A Green Car in the Mountains of Nangang

An abandoned car on the way to Nangang
An abandoned car on the way to Nangang.

I went out cycling in the mountains behind my place today, a small reward for waking up early. Little did I know it would turn out to be the hottest day of the year thus far—so here I am, weak with heatstroke, head pounding as I strike every keystroke. Midnight passes and I realize it’s Earth Day, a fine occasion to share this broken-down, abandoned automobile I found on the mountainous backroads of Nángǎng District 南港區 earlier today. I’m calling it an environmentally-friendly car, huánbǎochē 環保車 in Chinese, but of course it is nothing of the kind. Nature is working her magic on this discarded relic of human civilization but it’ll be quite some time before she’s through with it.

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