A Glimpse of Gogo Mall

Gogo Mall from a distance
Gogo Mall from a distance.

Having just shared a photo from an abandoned Sogo department store in Zhōnglì 中壢 I can’t resist also posting about the Gogo Mall building I found in Yǒnghé 永和 about a month ago. I was there in search of an entrance to the abandoned Miramar Theater 美麗華戲院, one of many abandoned theaters in Yonghe, but all entrances were sealed. Initially I visited at night and assumed it was a derelict building but on my second visit I saw signs of renovation through an open window. Perhaps some effort is being undertaken to redevelop the place.

A closer look at the Gogo Mall
A closer look at the Gogo Mall building.

To put things in context, this is one of several mixed residential and commercial buildings in Yǒnghé 永和 shaped like a ring with a significant structure in the middle1. You won’t see the Gogo Mall sign from the street—you have to walk through one of many entrances to the inner courtyard to find it. Interestingly, most entrances to the Gogo Mall have the characters for Yǒnglì Market 永利市場 over the entrance, an indication that the building might have once housed more traditional market stalls.

Anyhow, I don’t have much more to report since I didn’t gain entry to this particular building, but I did want to post it on account of the oddly designed sign. When was that ever cool?

  1. The building that houses the Fuhe Grand Theater 福和大戲院 is another similar structure with a market on the ground floor, apartments in an outer ring, and the theater itself within an inner courtyard on the third floor. 

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  1. There used to be an abandoned Gogo Department Store in Caotun as well. The building was completely remodeled and turned into a hotel three or four years ago. The hotel mostly caters to Chinese tour groups that overnight there prior to embarking to Sun Moon Lake.

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